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More than providers we are experts

Corrugados del Guarco has an extensive and deep experience in solving packaging needs by reducing costs, improving operations, and strengthening its brand.

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Our company

Corrugados del Guarco SA is a company founded in 1983, dedicated to the transformation of paper into corrugated cardboard to make boxes for various uses. It is part of the Global Packaging Group  with operations throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

With more than 160 employees, we create solutions that include high volume, standard solutions, or customer requests. We have incorporated capabilities and services throughout our history that allow us to offer quality and response times superior to our competitors. We are committed to investing in innovation, our employees, and our communities.

Packaging is an art and we have been doing it for the last three decades. Our history, experience, and desire to invest in the relationship with our clients are some of the reasons why the main national and regional companies trust Corrugados del Guarco to solve their packaging needs.


Manufacture packaging solutions with the highest technology, the best raw materials, the most demanding quality processes, and with a responsible management of the environment.


Continue to lead at the regional level in corrugated cardboard packaging solutions; satisfying the demands of our customers through the best products, services, and human resources.

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