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Since our origin we have been committed to protecting the environment and the use of renewable raw material sources.

We have selected paper suppliers that share our vision, environmental commitment, and have certificates such as the FSI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and the FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certificates that guarantee the correct management of forest crops and the protection of biodiversity, while benefiting local communities with sources of responsible work.

Another sustainable process in our production system is the treatment and recycling of the water used by our industrial printers, which is then reused in the corrugator gluing process, thus significantly reducing the water consumption of our factory.

We also recycle all waste from the paper process in our production chain. Production leftovers or damaged boxes that are filtered by our quality process end up being shredded and recycled for the industrial manufacture of paper bales, which are then marketed in the national market for other uses such as the manufacture of light construction materials or for the production of recycled paper reels.

Green Forest

For Corrugados del Guarco, it is a priority and a source of pride to have technologies and raw materials that are friendly to the environment and thus comply with current regulations in the field of sustainability.


In addition to our commitment to environmental sustainability, Corrugados del Guarco has alliances with various national companies that focus on the social field. One of these alliances is with the Curridabat Foundation and the ClubNet company, which offers free education in technology and computer courses for the training of young people and the local community.

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